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Benefits Of Buying Just Can’t Get Enough: Eva Longoria and Her Hermès Birkin Replica Bags Buy Online


Looking through Eva Longoria’s paparazzi archive taught me one thing: she’s remarkably consistent. Eva dresses in mostly neutrals, both light and dark, and she seems to like luxurious materials more than eye-catching embellishments or fashion-forward experimentation. Hers is a relatable, practical personal style, full of plush knits and, of course, lovely bags. Especially Hermès Birkins.

Eva has several Birkins, from what we could find in her photo history, but her latest favorite appears to be the bag in a color Hermès calls Gris Tourterelle. Because this shade of light grey doesn’t have as many blue undertones as some, it’s a near-perfect neutral; depending on the light and what’s around it, it can look either grey or beige.

To get a full idea of the bag’s versatility, check out the photos of Eva carrying it below. From the airport to Cannes, this Birkin looks at home almost everywhere.

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The Kelly tote has just as glamorous a tale behind it. A movie found itself on the cover of Life magazine. With that, the bag was instantly synonymous with Grace and it had been re-named the Kelly.The Hermes website boasts: ‘A Kelly is a rare and valuable thing’ and a week, a spokesman for the firm stressed that the amount of luggage it can produce is limited because only a few of craftsmen have the necessary skills to make them.They pointed out that a single employee takes 18 to 25 hours to create each Kelly bag by hand, whereas the Birkin takes much longer, saying: ‘Our production remains highly dependent on the know-how of our artisans.’

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