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Celine Introduces The Most Popular Luggage Tote

As we’ve reported, the Luggage style is currently available in three styles: Nano, Micro, Mini and Medium Phantom. Basic prices for the four styles remain the same, but Celine has introduced a new leather, Baby Grained Calfskin. That is, until now: the brand just released an all-Luggage Tote lookbook that helps shed some like on the available options.


The Replica Celine Luggage Tote might not quite inspire the six-month waiting lists it did circa 2016, but the bag still appeals to a ton of women and sells briskly. Since its debut, Celine has always played the details of the bag’s available sizes and pricing close to the vest, and although we’ve been able to create and update a guide to getting the Luggage Tote you want, official word from Celine has remained very scant.


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