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Cheapest Hermès Makes Some Curious Decisions with Its Pre-Fall 2018 Runway Bags Professional Replica

The brand makes one of its signature structured looks more casual, and as is often the case for Hermès, great hardware makes a new design work

I think you all know what it means when someone says a bag looks Hermès-inspired. The vast majority of brands have produced a bag that fits that description at some point in the past five years or so, and the bags usually aped the Birkin or Kelly’s structure or hardware in some way. For Pre-Fall 2018, though, Hermès has done a curious thing: debut a new bag that, if I saw it out of context, I’d assume it was from a different brand trying to evoke an Hermès-y feeling in shoppers.

The bag is a big, somewhat bulky top-handle satchel, which has a top flap and turnlock, just like the Kelly and Birkin. This one doesn’t look as well-edited or sophisticated as those bags, though. Hermès bags usually look refined before all else, and this one looks like a less expensive brand’s stab at recreating that look. I’m sure it will be beautifully finished in person, but on the screen, it doesn’t evoke that same sense of quality.

The collection’s other big debut, though, is far more successful at capturing that singular Hermès aesthetic. It’s a tightly designed saddle bag, with a structured look and a beautiful basketweave hardware piece at its closure. It’s pure Hermès and will undoubtedly be popular among the brand’s fans who want a shoulder bag a little less formal than the Constance. Check out all the photos from the runway below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

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The design is very iconic; some fashionista can spot a Birkin in a distance away. The boxy shape, double handles , and leather pull closures are exactly what makes this tote. Obviously the hardware stands out as well. The truth is, the Birkin is among the three most iconic handbags EVER and now I am a real lover of the tote. The aesthetic is exactly what drew me. Let’s just be fair. The functionality of the bag isn’t terrific. If you close up the bag properly it might take you a couple momemnts to get in and out of it every time you need something which’s inside. When you don’t shut the bag properly, you leave the bag’s contents easily accessible to anyone and everybody. This has only the Birkin standard. It’s supposed to carry a lot of items, but it is not designed for ultimate usability.The outside doesn’t contain any additional storage, actually all it’s is that the double leather pull handles which scrunch the bag and then close it via the clasp. This is quite iconic to the brand and the tote, but it is hardly used by anyone.The inside has a small pouch pocket, but the pocket is indeed slim not much matches inside. There’s not any other design aspect for this bag that aids in functionality and usability. In fact, it makes it seem so simple when you really look at it. Other than that, the 35 cm version is very good for everyday use because of its size and ability to carry heaps.
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