Closer Look At Replica Hermes Garden Party30

I often get asked, if I’m new to Hermes and want to start small, what are the bags I should be checking out first? Frankly, as far as Hermes is concerned, there is no such thing as small when it comes to its prices, but there are entry-level bags one can check out if the spirit is willing but the wallet, well, a tad weaker, for now anyway.

Untitled 4

Take, for example, the 1:1 Hermes Garden Party, an icon in her own right that comes in both twill canvas and leather variations. It’s also available in 3 distinct sizes, Small, Medium and Large, with today’s focus on the smallest one. Measuring some 30 cm across by 22 cm, the good part is that you can easily dress it up.


And if size is the issue, you can go up a size to the Medium, which is also the most common of the 3 sizes I’ve seen. And then there’s the Large, which spans 50 cm and one that’s too big even by my own standards.

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