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Coach Classic Vintage + Colette Collection

The idea is genius, really. Coach, which is celebrating their 75th birthday this year, has done something which I think really makes sense when it comes to truly honouring their heritage. Whilst other luxury brands will just do something completely new to commemorate the old, Coach has done exactly the opposite.


Having sold countless leather bags during the 70s, 80s and 90s, Coach went out and bought back 75 bags from the secondary market made and sold during these periods. All of which were authenticated and refurbished before they were given their own specialised hangtag with an allotted limited edition number. In other words, Coach has done something no other brand has done before; they have literally made old new again and you can now enjoy a piece of Coach’s true artisanal heritage, complete with decades of true patina right down to its nicks and scratches via Colette, which will be exclusively available in its store in Paris.


Sure, it’s not for everyone, but for those who appreciate something that’s truly vintage, you can also view and purchase them via Colette’s online site, where two styles are available, the Stewardess and the Dinky.

The Dinky all the way for a large Stewardess, and with each Coach Vintage purchase, you’ll also receive a pair of Coach leather maintenance products, a cleaner and a moisturiser so that you might enjoy your true vintage piece for many more years to come. And in a world now where everything new is cast away tomorrow, this just makes perfect sense, right?

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