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Introducing The Classic Moynat Gabrielle Replica Bag And Its Designer

Measuring 31 cm by 21 cm for the Gabrielle MM and 26 cm by 18 cm for the Gabrielle PM, the Gabrielle is not a big bag and both sizes perfect for everyday city use. Use it with its additional shoulder sling or hold it via its top handle, it is one piece from Moynat that in my books would be another classic-in-the-making.


Maybe you don’t know that atelier Moynat and its French origins was actually established by a woman back in 1849 though you know of atelier Moynat and its French origins.The name of this woman was Pauline Moynat, the only known woman trunk-maker of her time. And maybe because she was a woman, her first muse was also a lady , and she was Gabrielle-Charlotte Reju.


This bag, Moynat’s new Gabrielle, is christened after Gabrielle-Charlotte Reju. A successful French stage actress and early silent film actress who travelled extensively for her craft, she had performed in London, New York and even as far as Quebec, no mean feat considering this was the late 1800s. Think about it, if she wasn’t in large ships crossing the oceans, she would be in a car, which I’m assuming is also the inspiration behind the bag, its clean graphic lines a play of the curves of the Limousine trunks she might have owned and used, with the stylised M that’s both the bag’s clasp and a reference to Moynat’s name.

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