Replica Bag Review : Hermes Kelly And Herbag Zip

Hermes Herbag Zip replica

First thing first, let me tell you more about the Kelly replica. It is of course made in France, by one of the best quality leather and craftmanship house, HERMES.

It obviously bears the name of Grace Kelly who was wearing it so well, that Hermes decided to rename this bag after the infamous actress.

The bag belongs to one of my friends who was kind enough to let me borrow it for a few days (i even got to carry it for some hours to test it woohoo!).
Hermes Kelly replilca bags
The one you have in picture is the 28 sized one.

So what about the pros:

– The size is just perfect

– the quality of the leather is above any other houses. Cheap Hermes reconditions your bag with a SPA (they handle most of the big works), they can change the hardware and let’s be honest the leather cleaning is fantastic

– well it is a legendary bag and it has earned its classy and legendary points by now ? elegance you get me?

– it is actually SUPER comfy and easy to use

– your wallet and personal belongings are safe with the padlock

– it can be worn two ways, meaning shoulder and hand carried

Now let’s move onto the cons :

– the difficulty to find one

– the price tag (let’s be honest not many people can afford such a bag right?) this one will set you up 6050€ from Paris

– the difficulty to open and close the bag it can be tricky in certain situations and no one would leave their expensive purse left open now would they?

this brings me

– the lack of a back pocket for me is a bit of a downfall because i’m a sucker for backpockets and they help my faily life a lot

This backpocket leads me to

The review of this pretty and cute replica Hermes Herbag Zip
Hermes Herbag Zip replica
So this bag I have wanted for quite a long time, but whenever I was going to the store it was out of stock.

Thankfully one birkin being bought and this opened my life to this bag.

It is the new version of the Hermès Herbag, with the zip added to avoid confusion.

The difference stems from the fact that you get not to change the pouches and you have a backpocket.

The size reviewed is the 31. The measurements are : 31 W X 26.5 H X 10 D

Anyhow you know the drill,

So what about the pros:

– The size is just perfect

– the color is such a cheerful one it brings a smile on everyone’s faces (trust me in Paris we get a lot of non smiling people, strangely this green color gets them in the groove)

– it’s got the hermès quality for the stunning price of 1570€ !! get in

– there is the entire « Kelly » look, with the padlock and with the two ways shoulder and hand carried possibilities

– it has a backpocket and an inside pouch attached to the canvas

– very useful and much lower key for a casual lifestyle this bag can follow you anywhere really (to run errands, to meet with girlfriends, to have a girls night…)

Now let’s move onto the cons :

– the difficulty to find one

– the canvas, hermès should deliver some raincoats because summer is not always rain free as we have seen I seriously don’t mind paying for them

– too casual for a cocktail or dressed evening

– the natural tan leather of the leather pants, it tans (yup) and scratches (don’t worry i’ll make a video and a post about how you can actually keep your bag in a good state with natural tan leather)


So my notes for the bags would be as follows :

Kelly : I would give a 7/10 because of its legendary status, but the price tag can sometimes be limiting but that’s what makes it special right? if you have the money go for it.

If you’re a lady of a certain age and want to spoil yourself I’d say go for it. You’ve probably deserved it a-plenty

Herbag Zip: I would give the 8/10 to the bag, it is perfect for an entry level bag from such a glamorous house, it is quite rare so you do get that Oomph effect.

It’s great if you’re young and have a smaller budget and you intend to grow a big bag collection.

Now mooving on … to Twillys!

Yes so I did say in my video that I would teach you how to wrap around a twilly to your bag.

So the first step is to find the perfect twilly for your bag, here I bought a « brides de galas » one, bought at le faubourg saint honore.

step 1: tie the twilly around one side of the handle in a tight knot

step 2: wrap the twilly tightly around the handle and make sure to leave enough for the other side’s knot

step 3: tie the remaining twilly at the other side of the handle in one tight knot.

That’s it, you’re ready to rock in a classy way.

Thanks for reading and watching

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