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Hermes Hermes Kelly Bags

Professional Replica Ultra-Luxe Bags and Vintage Rarities Abound at Christie’s Next Auctions, Both in New York and in London

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The bags on offer range from once-in-a-lifetime finds to perfect everyday bags

In collaboration with Christie’s.

Good bags are hard to find. Creating real luxury takes time and investment, both for the sourcing and processing of the finest materials and for the careful, detail-perfect construction that goes into making luxury leather goods with them. The best designers choose to take that time, which means that fewer of those pieces are made, and seasonal pieces, limited editions, and rare, exotic leathers can be gone in a flash—like all luxuries, more people want them than can have them. At the Christie’s June Handbags & Accessories Online Auction, as well as Christie’s next live auction in London, the legendary house brings some of the world’s most exquisite handbags under the gavel, and you can be among the lucky bidders. read more