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Take A Look At Mulberry Small Clifton In Classic Grain Leather

This is the Clifton, a new bag from British bag and accessory maker Mulberry. The Mulberry Small Clifton indeed is a new style at Mulberry that would be well-received by those who love their smallish shoulder sling bags with the hardware kept to a minimum, which allows the leather to shine.


It’s what you could call young, stylish and most definitely forward-looking, and something I believe most women wouldn’t mind carrying. Even the branding is kept minimal, just the name and country of its origin. In other words, Mulberry and England. Nice.


Now for the no bit. The moment you open the front flap you’ll see 3 zipped compartments, which for me is too much like the Trio. Yes, the zips run from end to end, and if you really wanted I guess you could just buy a Trio, instead of the Clifton which is basically a Trio with a front flap. Right? Available in Clay or Black, the Clifton also comes in a larger size and more colours. You just have to head online to Mulberry to have a look.

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