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The Bag And Shoe Combos Of Pre-Fall 2016 In Pairs

Recently we shed some light on the most notable bags and shoes of Pre-Fall 2016, and it was easy to see how many of these new pieces could potentially pair up for maximum effect.Bags and shoes go together just like peanut butter and jelly,it is execellent.


Summer seems to be flying by, so it may be wise to start gearing up for the season ahead.Though watching your handbag to your shoes is never a bad thing, it also can be fun to clash just a bit. Whether adorned with studs, fur or bugs (embroidered bugs, that is), these bags and shoes are standalone pieces that can elevate any wardrobe now or in the upcoming months. The colors are vibrant, the textures are rich and many of the options are beautifully detailed.

No matter your style preference, we’re here to provide a little bit of accessories inspiration.We have all the best bags and shoes to help prepare you for the changing weather ahead.Bottega-Veneta-and-Jimmy-Choo

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