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This Week, Celebs Hit LAX, the Party Circuit and the US Open with Bags from Chanel, Hermès and More Expensive Replica

Also, Givenchy bags from yesteryear continue to pop up on famous arms

It’s not that Givenchy is doing anything new, it’s just that celebrities have somehow been reminded en masse that the bags they loved two, three or five-plus years ago are still fantastic bags. Even if they are literally covered in goat hair! Maybe it’s the changing seasons, and a shift back toward neutrals and away from bold, flashy Gucci color. At least ninety percent of the Givenchy bags we see are blackest black, after all. (That stat comes to you courtesy of some quick, badly done math I just did in my head.)

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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen recently carried this black Givenchy Pandora (and her daughter Luna) through LAX. We have seen a notable uptick in celebs carrying Pandoras specifically in the last couple of weeks. Shop the Givenchy Pandora Bag via Neiman Marcus ($2,150)

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EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson took one of his favorite bags, this exotic Hermès Kelly Bag, to a party thrown by Netflix at Catch.

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Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth was also spotted at LAX this week. She’s seen here carrying a black Miu Miu Matelasse Shoulder Bag with bold silver accents. Shop the Miu Miu Shoulder Bag via Nordstrom ($2,220)

Yesteryear has brought to us, an amazing generation that was motivated by an American celebrity and Monégasque princess. Much then Hermes Wallet Iphone Replica made this Hermes Kelly Wallet enlivened from the prior version.Being a die-hard Hermes enthusiast, even if blindfolded, an individual can truly feel that the Kelly vibes through this wallet; the most iconic Kelly turnlock, the exotic leather and the streamlined structure. Walk in the area with this elegant piece of Hermes luxurious, all eyes glued on you. This can be Hermes French style house at its best, putting forward its most fantastic layout, the perfect craftsmanship and the compact line-up. You are bothered by the sky-high prices of Constance wallet Bag and also its colossal size, but still, being a Hermes woman you simply want a Hermes bag and no other ordinary piece. So, what to do today? Straightforward, simply pass the buck to the iconic Kelly collection and pick the attraction-meets-functionality wallet — a Hermes Kelly wallet.We’ve experienced our fair share of handbag obsessions and the classic Kelly was in our thoughts since forever. Comparable to this classic version, you are blessed with all the Kelly-elements in an entire new adorable shape. The wallet has a compact, sleek and rectangular silhouette with your cherished Kelly turn lock secured with leather straps from both sides. The ever-stylish frontal flap is fastened and tucked in these straps and turn lock, so that you can just tell how secure your cash and cards are!Like a cherry on top, the shiny silver or platinum hardware compliments the face texture, although the plan is minimalistic, the Kelly layout has reached a cult status in fashion history.

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Kendall Jenner

Remember this? This is Givenchy’s goat hair-adorned version of the Givenchy Nightingale Bag from their Fall-Winter 2015 collection. Kendall Jenner hasn’t carried this one in a while, but now it’s back in rotation apparently. Shop Givenchy Bags via Neiman Marcus

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Kenya Moore

Here’s Real Housewife Kenya Moore, flying to Houston via LAX to help friends affected by the hurricane with a glossy, pink croc Birkin.

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Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox also attended the Netflix Catch party, naturally, and she brought this metallic gold Edie Parker Wolf Shard Clutch along with her. Shop the Edie Parker Wolf Shard Clutch via Net-a-Porter ($1,495)

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Nina Agdal

Danish supermodel Nina Agdal attended the US Open with a simple navy Chanel Wallet on a Chain Bag. Shop Chanel Bags via Vestiaire Collective

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Selma Blair

And finally, here’s Selma Blair, shopping around in Beverly Hills with a green version of the aptly named Goyard Hardy Tote.

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