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Top Grade Hermès Has Totally Overhauled Its Website, Adding More Pics, Prices and Bags for Sale Than Ever Before Wholesale Replica

The brand’s clunky online store has finally got an update, and it includes lots of big, beautiful bag photos

Even though Hermès is known for its hard-to-buy handbags, that’s not the full story on how the brand interacts with its shoppers. Yes, Birkins and Kellys can be difficult to source (but it’s not impossible), along with most exotics. In recent years, though, Hermès has made an ever-growing number of its bags available to purchase on its website, even if the site itself wasn’t conducive to browsing. Now, though, has pulled itself into the 2010s, and the new site includes several hundred of the brand’s sought-after bags.

You still won’t find any Birkins or Kellys up for grabs at the brand’s online store, but you will find plenty of Bolides, Lindys, Jypsieres, Garden Parties, Evelynes and beyond, including the occasional exotic, like a nilo crocodile Lindy that retails for $30,100. The overall selection is quite good, with most bags available in a variety sizes, leathers, hardwares and colors.

The design is extremely iconic; some fashionista can spot a Birkin in a mile off. The boxy shape, double handles leather pull closures are what makes this bag. Of course the hardware stands out as well. The fact is, the Birkin is one of the three very iconic handbags EVER and now I’m a true lover of the tote. The aesthetic is what attracted me. Let’s just be honest. The performance of this bag is not terrific. If you close up the bag correctly it might take you a few momemnts to get in and out of it every time you want something that’s inside. Whenever you don’t close the bag properly, you depart the bag’s contents easily accessible to anyone and everyone. This has only the Birkin standard. It’s meant to take a lot of items, but it is not designed for supreme usability.The outside does not feature any additional storage, actually all it’s is the double leather pull handles which scrunch the bag and then close it through the clasp. This is quite iconic to the manufacturer and also the tote, but it is barely used by anyone.The inside has a little pouch pocket, but the pocket is so slim not much fits indoors. There is no other design aspect for this tote that aids in functionality and usability. In fact, it makes it all seem so easy when you truly look at it. Other than that, the 35 cm version is great for everyday use because of its size and capability to carry heaps.

The site also added some basic functions that it somehow lacked in the past, like the ability to filter the selection by color, season, bag structure and price. All of the bags now also include enormous photos with multi-angle views, which seems like an essential thing to have for global shoppers who may not be able to make it into one of Hermès’s relatively few boutique locations, and for a brand whose individual boutiques stock a very limited assortment of an enormous product line.

If you’ve been in the market for a very expensive new bag or are simply interested in getting a closer look at some of Hermès’s wares, you can check out all of that now at

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