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We Did the Math: Here’s What Kris Jenner’s Hermès Collection is Worth Expensive Replica


Celebrity bag collections are almost addictive to look at. The mixture of private wealth and paparazzi interest makes for incredible bag-spotting, and it’s easy to get carried away in imaging what it would be like to march into any designer boutique and pick whatever you wanted to take home. What’s harder to imagine is what the bill would look like, and what that kind of habit would add up to in the long run, especially if your preferences run toward a brand that tries to keep its pricing structure close to the vest.

That, of course, is where we come in.

We’ve noticed lately that Kris Jenner has acquired some eye-popping exotic Hermès bags in the past year, which join her already enviable handbag collection. On top of that, Hermès has a long-standing policy of not “gifting” bags to celebrities, so we know she (or someone–it’s possible one or two were a gift, considering the social circles Kris runs in) paid for what she has. And although we probably don’t have photographic evidence of every Hermès bag in her closet, we certainly have a lot, which is why everyone’s favorite momager is our first test case for a little bit of handbag math.

It’s difficult to say what many of these bags cost when they were brand new–we don’t know when Kris purchased them and it’s difficult to tell from photos whether a bag is niloticus or porosus crocodile, for example–but Hermès bags are unique in the scope of resale information available about them on the Internet. Also, it’s likely that Kris purchased some of these through a third-party dealer; Kim has sold bags that way in the past, and some of the models in Kris’s arsenal were no longer being made when she started carrying them, which further complicates the purchase price scenario.

With that in mind, we decided to estimate what Kris’s bags would be worth if sold today. To do that, we pored over auction listings both past and current on Heritage Auctions, where we know the Kardashian-Jenners have a business relationship, as well as pricing from other reputable resellers. Below, check out our estimates for each bag, as well as the total.

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Hermès Birkin in Ebene Leather and Natural Toile Fabric, 35cm
Estimated Sale Price: $11,000


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Hermès Birkin in Black Togo Leather, 40cm
Estimated Sale Price: $12,500


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Hermès Black Matte Crocodile Birkin
Estimated Sale Price: $42,500


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Hermè Bougainvillea Birkin, 25cm
Estimated Sale Price: $14,000


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Hermès Braise Shiny Crocodile Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Sale Price: $96,000


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Hermès Electric Blue Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Sale Price: $19,000


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Hermès Graphite Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Sale Price: $13,000


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Hermès Beton Matte Alligator Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Price: $72,000


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Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Kelly Bag, 25cm
Estimated Price: $116,000


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Hermès Kelly Long Wallet
Estimated Price: $2,000


You see, the Hermes Kelly pocket wasn’t randomly accessible each store. It was sold-out or you have to watch for another stock, which made this wallet a rare bit. But today, it is simpler to get the Kelly Wallet.The Hermes Kelly Wallet resembles to the Hermes Kelly Bag. There are a lot of elements which are similar such as the shape, the leather and the design. The most vital piece about the Kelly Wallet is that the timeless Kelly Closure (also called the Kelly Lock) that is crafted from the center.The Hermes Kelly Bag’s history suspended back in 1892 and it was named after Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. She was a style icon and fell in love with this bag instantly. The fame of the Kelly Bag never decreased and is still restricted available today. But in the future, Hermes introduced the Kelly Wallet, which is inspired by the Kelly Bag.With that the exclusivity and high prices of designer purses and pockets, the counterfeit business is booming, causing many people to mistakenly purchase fake replicas. Hermes, among the most important and most costly names in designer accessories, sells leather pockets which can cost up to $2500. Many consumers do resell their true Hermes wallets online at cheaper prices, however there are many knockoffs available on the industry too. Familiarize yourself with the particulars of the real products so you can efficiently inspect and authenticate one you considering for purchase.
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Hermès Sellier Kelly Bag, 32cm
Estimated Price: $8,000

(Note: This is the estimate we’re least satisfied with; we couldn’t find a pink sellier Kelly of this size in any reseller’s past or present inventory, and color can weigh heavily on how much value an Hermès bag retains.)


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Hermès Limited Edition Candy Birkin Bag
Estimated Price: $12,000


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Hermès Shiny Electric Blue Crocodile Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Price: $61,000


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Hermès So Black Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Price: $32,500


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Hermès White Birkin, 35cm
Estimated Price: $12,500


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Hermès Vermillion Kelly Pochette
Estimated Price: $10,000

I’d be making that face if my handbags were worth this much, too.


17 / 17

Grand Tote: $534,000

As it turns out, building a family entertainment empire will buy you a lot of Hermès.

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