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Wholesale Famous Just Can’t Get Enough: Khloé Kardashian Loves Her Colorful Hermès Birkins Best Price For Replica

One Kardashian’s rainbow Birkin collection

Once upon a time, Khloé Kardashian used to carry bags other than Birkins. But those days may be over. Khloé has assembled a rainbow-colored collection of Hermès Birkins, and we’ve gathered them all together here for your viewing pleasure. We did a brief profile on her Birkins last summer, but even since then, her collection has expanded to include seemingly all the available colors.

You’re welcome to guesstimate the net worth of this collection, as we did the hard math on Kris Jenner’s half-million dollar bag collection last year.

Kelly: The ‘Kelly’ is named after actress Grace Kelly.When I contacted Hermes to find out why I could not buy one, they stated: ‘Every Hermes shop director worldwide is accountable for purchasing for their own store. They place seasonal orders twice a year, which are usually received six to 12 months later. ‘Surely, these bags are evasive – as I find at the Sloane Street store, a haven of luxury soft furnishings, gleaming glass cabinets and glistening surfaces.The clients are primarily Asian or Arab, the women dripping with diamonds, men dressed in cashmere weekend wear.After I have said my intention to buy a Birkin, a man assistant wordlessly ushers me towards a leather-covered desk and asks me to sit down. ‘We do not have any in the shop,’ he explains. ‘There’ll be none until next month. And I cannot tell you if the next delivery will soon arrive. For safety reasons, we don’t even know what will arrive at the delivery. ‘Perhaps I could purchase a Kelly bag? ‘The Kelly is much less accessible,’ he states sternly.But there is a ray of hope.Would I love to see that the leather samples? I pause when I hit an electric blue leather.Could I perhaps order a bag, then – in this? His eyebrow arches again. We don’t take orders. It’s not possible to order a colour. We get orange or reddish sometimes, along with the strange time an off-white gray. Everyone supposes that you could just order these bags – however it is not like that. It is a waiting game.’

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Here’s Khloé shopping in NYC with a bright cobalt blue Birkin.

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And arriving at LAX with Kourtney and a hot pink Birkin.

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She carried this cute aqua blue version to LAX on a separate occasion. This one looks smaller than the previous blue version—this is a 35cm, while that one appears to be a 40cm.

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Here’s Khloé leaving a studio in LA carrying a soft matte bubblegum pink version.

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And we’re back at LAX with a yellow Birkin. She uses them frequently as travel bags!

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And with the same bag at dinner at Casa Vega with Blac Chyna. This is one of the Birks that she’s had the longest, and she still pulls it out all the time. This color and the aqua version are from the limited edition run of candy-colored bags that Hermès did several years ago.

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Here she is leaving Meche Salon in Beverly Hills with an exotic red croc Birkin that she’s also owned for a while.

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And finally, here’s another 40cm, this one in bright red. If you’re curious about the prices of any of these, be sure to consult our most recent international Birkin pricing guide.

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