Hermes Bolide bags

Introducing Hermes Bolide Bag Styles

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Finding information on Hermes Bolide bags is not easy, and that’s by design; keeping its bags mostly shrouded in mystery helps the brand maintain the sense of exclusivity and scarcity that makes them the most coveted–and most expensive–accessories in the world. The Hermes bolide mini website features only a tiny fraction of the brand’s full lineup available for purchase, and if you want more information than what it provides, you better get very familiar with our PurseForum or spend a lot of time trying to sift through conflicting information on the Internet at large. That’s where we come in. read more

Hermes Kelly Bags

Get A Metallics And Touches Hermes Kelly Bag For Your New Year

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Out with the old and in with the new! Treat yourself with a new designer Hermes bag from our exclusive luxury collection right now! So how do you choose the right bag when there are so many great styles on offer? It’s simple, pick something that’s practical and suits your lifestyle – Do you run around a lot during the week and need to carry a number of items with you wherever you go? Then a large tote would suit you to a tee! Or are you after something small and stylish to stash the keys, beauty essentials, purse and sunglasses when you’re out and about during the weekend? Then a cute messenger bag with an easy adjustable strap is the answer. read more

Hermes Birkin Bags

Hermes and Jane Birkin resolve spat over crocodile handbags

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Within the moneyed and cut-throat realm of French luxury goods, no brand dares lose a glamorous ambassador inside a public spat on the handbag. Therefore it was with relief the fashion house Hermes introduced on Friday it had patched some misconception using the actor and singer Jane Birkin, carrying out a row over animal privileges. In This summer, Birkin had required Hermes remove her title from the hermes birkin bags outlet after learning of “cruel practices” used against crocodiles in the production. She’d been gone to live in act having seen a relevant video launched by individuals for that Ethical Management of Creatures, showing how live reptiles were skinned or sawed open on farms that provided luxury brands. On Friday, however, in france they leather-goods firm stated it had recognized an “isolated irregularity” within the slaughter process in a crocodile farm in Texas coupled with cautioned the farm it might cease any relations should it still neglect its suggested methods. read more