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The Hermes Bolide Colvert Replica Bolide Secret Bag is an extremely iconic piece that will surely please bag aficionados and starting bag collectors alike. This new take on the design is something that catches the eye, and we’re about to elaborate more about this development.

The Bolide has a long history – it was first created in the year 1922 when the wife of Hermes’s owner, Emilie-Maurice Hermès, wanted a new bag to carry in while she went out for a ride in a car (which was also a new invention at that time). The Bolide was called a ‘Bugatti’ at that time, and was the first bag to ever incorporate some zips.

Lightweight and easy to carry, this piece is really something new! Never has Hermes shown the Bolide with a double bottom, that’s why it’s really a joy to have. It’s a swift calfskin with gold-plated hardware and zip fastening, with two flat inside pockets for organization. What else would you ever need? Surely, this baby will never go out of style.

Measuring 24cm x 27cm x 10cm (L x H x D), you can get your very own Bolide Double Bottom Bag for €6,400 EUR or £5,850 GBP via Hermes e-store.







Its new additions will have you lusting for this attractiveness. For instance, the double top pattern, the trapezoid silhouette that has two zippers on both the sides allow it to be classy in addition to functional. Also, it’s taller and roomier than the previous version.Don’t you believe it’s utterly ridiculous to leave behind this type of tote which has eons of space to hold your travel or everyday necessities? It has two horizontal pockets to organize your essentials in a more clever way. Your things will be safe and secure as it is possible to lock this classic piece as and if required. And also, your stuff won’t fall down if you keep this bit on the table or in the floor; the couple little studs during its underside will make it’s position erect. ‘m a huge fan of Samorga handbag organizers. I think I have purchased 4 today! I am aware that there are a lot of competitions / dupes out there, but up to now I’ve yet to observe a legitimate game concerning quality and options. Samorga provides pre-made organizers for such a wide assortment of brands — LV, Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, Celine, etc so it makes it rather simple for the customer! Furthermore you are able to ask for a customized planner — with custom measurements as well as a custom interior design… which is what I did for my Hermes Bolide! So below are my thoughts of how nicely Samorga and a Bolide go together. . .They already make organizers for Bolide 31s, but I wanted mine to have the inside design of a different organizer they sell (such as LV Speedies).